Goodbye Precious

When I arrived at the Rescue one morning, one of the sweetest faces that I had ever seen greeted me. I rushed into the barn ask why that horse was here? Was it abuse? Was it medical? Just what WAS her deal? Come to find out, she was there because of love. That's right! John and Robin had brought Precious (and Samson) back to the farm for a short stay while they found a new place to live that could accommodate the latest additions to their family. They knew that there, they would receive the best care and love that any four legged friend could want. I fell in love with Precious before I was even out of the car. During their stay, I was able to improve my horsemanship skills enough that Tony allowed me to take Precious out on the town for a ride. It was one of the best nights that I had had in quite a while. Since Precious didn't know that she was a horse, she found it difficult to restrain herself from greeting any and all folks who were sitting on their porches. (Yes, she even took a step to go the porch herself!) Tony said that I was having trouble controlling the horse. I say….how do you keep a 1500 lb baby from wanting to say hello, up close and personally! The kids on the street gravitated to her even though she was the biggest horse in the bunch. She fascinated everyone not only by her size but also mostly by her long lashed beautiful eyes. 

While there at the farm, Precious was included in the June Horse Camp project. Again, she was a star. We were able to accommodate many of the older children who attended the camp because of Precious' patience and size. She taught the children to trust her as well as the Rangers. She was gentle and mindful with them too. You can see the joy that she brought to each of us by looking at the pictures of the children who has to know her during the camp. 
It was only a little sad for me to see her go to her new home in northern Indiana, only because I would miss her so much. However, she and Samson were so very lucky to have been chosen by John, Robin, and their children. The Riddles only know how to love them! 

Precious came back to farm for the last time this week. When something went wrong and she was not feeling well, John and Robin brought her home for help. I was told that she lay down in the green pasture and passed away in the night with her mom and dad beside her. I will think about her every time that I see her picture and every time that I walk the pasture. You can definitely say that it was love at first sight.


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