Adoption Policies

Applying to Adopt

All potential adopters & foster homes MUST fill out our Adoption/Foster Application, submit 2 personal references, a veterinary reference, and photos of the facility where the horse will be kept.  Indiana Horse Rescue adopts all across the United States.  Applications MUST be filled out completely for consideration.

We have reference forms for potential adopters to give to their references, however, the references may choose to write a letter instead and either mail, email or call in their references.

Photos may be submitted via email, mail or brought with the potential adopter.

There is a $25.00 Application Fee.  Application fees may be paid online using PayPal (there are several PayPal buttons located throughout our website) or a check or money order via mail.

Adopters will be notified by email, mail, or phone when their Adoption/Foster Application has been processed. If you have not heard back from an Indiana Horse Rescue Staff Member within 5  business days of ALL information being submitted, please contact the main office.

Indiana Horse Rescue does not discriminate based on the applicant's gender, race, or age (however only applications sent in by Adults (18 years +) will be processed)

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Adoption Process

Choosing a Horse

Choosing the right horse for you and your family is a big decision, Indiana Horse Rescue volunteers and staff understand this, so we will help guide adopters and suggest horses that we believe will be an asset to you, your family, and the purpose you intend to use the horse for. Once an Adopter has an Approved Application on file, it is good for 2 years.  You do not need to fill out a separate application for each horse you are wanting to adopt.

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Adopting a Horse

Adoptions are done on a first come, first serve basis. Only adopters with an Approved Application will be considered. Each horse has an adoption fee associated with the horse. Adoption Fees can be located on the Available Horse pages of each IHR facility's websites. If you have questions about the Adoption Fee of a particular horse, please contact the facility manager for the IHR division that is housing the horse.

Each Adopter must sign an Adoption Agreement for each horse they adopt and follow the policies stated in the Adoption Agreement. The Adoption Agreement is designed to protect the horse and prevent it from being placed in a bad situation.

After a horse is adopted, the adopter has 30 days to "test drive" the horse, if for any reason the adopter decides that the horse isn't going to work out the adopter may bring the horse back and then take up to 6 months to find a horse to replace the original horse with. If the new horse's adoption fee is greater than the previous horse, the adopter must pay the difference. If the adoption fee is lower than the previous horse, the adopter can choose a second horse that fits that adoption fee, however if they do not want a second horse Indiana Horse Rescue can not refund any money as Adoption Fees are considered donations.

Please note that we can not guarantee any certain behavior traits or training levels for our rescue horses. Horses are animals and may behave any way they like at any time. Descriptions of our horses are based on our staff/volunteers' experiences with the horses. For this reason we allow our adopter's the 30 day "test drive.".

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Selling or Giving Away Adopted Horses

Horses adopted from Animal Protection Coalition, Inc. and/or Indiana Horse Rescue MAY NOT under any circumstances be SOLD or GIVEN AWAY during their 3 year holding period.

Selling/Giving Away Adopted Horses violates the Adoption Agreement and violators will be prosecuted.

Transferring Adoptions

Even though we do not allow Adopters to sell Adopted Horses, we will however agree to transfer adoptions, under the following circumstances:

The New Adopter MUST fully complete our Adoption/Foster Application, submit 2 personal references, a veterinary reference, and photos of the facility where the horse will be kept, pay the $25.00 application fee just as the original adopter had done.

The New Adopter MUST sign a new Adoption Agreement for the horse being transferred.

The only fee Indiana Horse Rescue associates with the transferred horse is the Application fee, any money that is transferred between the old adopter and new adopter is between those two parties.

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Returning Adopted Horses

If for any reason the adopter does not want or need the adopted horse, it MUST be returned to Animal Protection Coalition and/or Indiana Horse Rescue. We ask that adopters fill out our Adopted Animal Relinquish Form, so that we can get an idea of the horse's resent vaccinations, deworming, and information as to why the horse needs to be returned.

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Breeding Adopted Horses

Any Equine (Horse, Pony, Mule, Donkey, etc.) adopted from Animal Protection Coalition, Inc. and Indiana Horse Rescue may not be bred intentionally for any reason.

Adopted Horses that Foal

Foals born to horses adopted from an Animal Protection Coalition, Inc. and Indiana Horse Rescue equine are automatically entered into our program. The adopter may choose to 1) keep the foal and sign an Adoption Agreement for the foal or 2) return the foal to Indiana Horse Rescue once the foal is weaned (4-6 months of age). Foals returned to Indiana Horse Rescue will be assessed and put up for adoption. Under no circumstance can the adopter SELL a foal produced from an Animal Protection Coalition, Inc. and Indiana Horse Rescue animal!

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Adopted Horses that Die or Need to be Humanely Euthanized

We understand that horses do not live forever and that they die from natural causes and old age. We also understand that if a horse is suffering it needs to be humanely euthanized. Please make sure that you inform an Indiana Horse Rescue staff member if your Adopted Horse has died or has been euthanized, so that they can update the horse's file appropriately. If possible, please have your veterinarian send a statement or letter to our offices verifying the horse's death or euthanasia.

Annual Health Reports

As of January 1, 2014 Annual Health Reports are due 3 years in a row after the horse is adopted. Health Reports should be submitted by the date the horse was adopted so that we can update your file. We ask that you send APC/IHR recent photos of the adopted horse as well as have your veterinarian fill out the Health Report form. If Indiana Horse Rescue receives good Health Reports 3 years in a row in a timely manner, we will transfer ownership to the adopter and reserve no rights to the horse.

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Horse Inspections

As stated in the Adoption Agreement, Indiana Horse Rescue makes random horse inspections. Horses that IHR has not received Annual Health Reports for are first on the list of consideration for random inspections. If the IHR Investigator can see the horse from the road and visually confirm that the horse appears in good health and condition they will continue on their way. If not, the investigator may approach the residence to discuss the adopted horse's condition with the adopter and ask to examine the horse.

Please make sure that you inform Indiana Horse Rescue if you are moving the horse from one barn to another. It is not necessary to call for every show, event, trail ride, etc. however if an adopted horse is not found at the residence stated in the adopters Application, IHR will attempt to contact the adopters to locate the horse's whereabouts. After every attempt is made to contact the adopter and the horse if it is still no where to be found, IHR will assume that the adopter has violated the Adoption Agreement and may decide to prosecute.

Boarding Your Adopted Horse

Animal Protection Coalition, Inc. and Indiana Horse Rescue allow adopters to board their horses at boarding facilities. We actually find this very helpful for first time horse owners because of the fact that there are several seasoned horse owners always around to ask questions and to help out. Check your local tack and feed stores as well at 4-H families and leaders for suggestions on reputable boarding facilities in your area!

Out of State Adoptions & Coggin's Tests

Due to the fact that most of our adoptions take place in Indiana, the sheer number of horses we take in and adopt out,  and the cost of the tests, we are unable to have the Coggin's Tests and Health Certificates done on all our horses, but thanks to grants from Indiana Horse Council Foundation we have been able to get them this year.

Indiana Horse Rescue will adopt horses to adopters that live out of the State of Indiana, however, it is the adopter's responsibility to pay for the cost of the Coggin's Test, Health Certificate, or any other tests that may be required for horses to travel across State Lines.

Also, please note that some boarding facilities in Indiana require that a horse has a current Coggin's and Health Certificate before entering their property. Once again, it is the adopter's responsibility to pay for the cost of Coggin's and Health Certificate prior to the horse leaving an APC/IHR facility.

Make sure to allow at least 5 business days for our office to arrange for the the Veterinarian to come out, pull blood for the tests, and get the results back. 

It is also imperative that out of state adopters are consistent about getting their Annual Health Reports done and mailed to us each year.

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