Foster A Horse

What does it mean to foster a horse?

Our four facilities let us reach out to a great number of horses, however, without foster homes, Indiana Horse Rescue would not be able to accept so many horses into our adoption program. By fostering a horse you are providing the horse with a place to live, shelter, food, water, proper farrier and medical care, and some good ol' TLC.  As a foster home you will be responsible for the actual cost of caring for the horse, however, at the end of each month, you submit all your receipts for the care of your foster horse and in return get a receipt that makes all the expenses tax deductible.  Horses are normally fostered for 30-60 days at a time or a longer period of time if the foster home would like.  All foster horses remain up for adoption and you will be called to set up a meeting if a prospective adopter if approved.

How to foster a horse from Indiana Horse Rescue?

In order to be accepted into our foster program you must become a member, complete our adoption/foster application, provide two personal references, a vet reference, and photos of the facility where the horse will be kept.  Once you have been approved as a foster facility, you may make an appointment to discuss your foster capabilities so we can find the best horse that suites you and your family while the horse is waiting on a permanent home.

Still interested in Fostering? Please send your completed Application to:

Indiana Horse Rescue
916 S Prairie Ave
Frankfort, IN 46041