Report Abuse & Neglect

If you witness a horse(s) being abused and/or neglected we encourage you to contact:
  • Indiana Horse Rescue (765-605-5790)
  • Local Humane Society
  • Animal Control Officer
  • City or County Law Enforcement (Police or Sheriff)
  • Board of Animal Health (317-544-2400)
  • Governor's Office (317-232-4567)
When calling about an animal cruelty/neglect situation the following will be needed:
  1. Address of the location where animals are kept.
  2. Number of animals.
  3. Details regarding the condition of the animals.
  4. Any and all pictures of the animals.
  5. Your name and phone number.
At this time, Indiana Horse Rescue is not investigating complaints.  Indiana Horse Rescue will assist and/or advise law enforcement should they request us, and will take in any horse (s) that law enforcement seizes to give them care, feed, etc for the 10 days that is required for the owner to post bond.  Should the owner post bond, we will continue caring for the animal.  Should they not post bond, we request having them turned over to the rescue by the Judge so we may work with them and find them homes.