Choose To Sponsor A Rescue Horse TODAY!

Regardless of their condition we are committed to giving these horses  a second chance at life and love.  Some horses that come into the rescue will never be adoptable, they will be life long residents.  We are committed to allowing them to live out the remainder of their lives in a stress free and safe environment.  Some of these horses require extensive care and having more than one sponsor is a wonderful gift, so please consider being a sponsor for one of our wonderful horses.

Steps On Becoming A Sponsor:
  1. Choose a horse you would like to sponsor
  2. Fill out our sponsor form and mail it to us or send it to us via email.
  3. Make your tax deductible contribution out to: Indiana Horse Rescue
You may either mail the form and contribution to us at:

Indiana Horse Rescue
916 S Prairie Ave
Frankfort, IN 46041-7438


Complete the sponsor form, email it to us and set up your monthly donation by using Paypal with your checking account or credit card.

Horses are still available for adoption while being sponsored.  Should the horse you are sponsoring be adopted, we will contact you to find out what your new choice for sponsoring will be.

Choose Your Sponsorship Level.
  • $150/month
  • $100/month
  • $50/month

  • $25/month
We are very grateful for the compassionate people that choose to sponsor a horse.  In addition to the feeling of pride for helping, all sponsors receive:
  1. Story of the horse you're sponsoring.
  2. Letter of thanks.
  3. Thank you notice posted on the horse's listing on our website designating you as a sponsor.
By sponsoring a horse, you can direct your donation towards the care and feeding of a specific companion horse of your choosing.  Not only is this a great gift idea, but a wonderful program for school kids and business organizations!  Choose your special horse and become a part of this rewarding experience.  Donors who give at least $50.00 per month for 1 year may visit their special horse once per month by appointment.