Our Wish List

For the Office
Surge Protectors

For the Horses
Donations can be made directly to McDavitt Veterinary Clinic - under Indiana Horse Rescue/Kathryn Caldwell
Good Quality Grass Hay both Square and Round bales
ADM Mineral tubs (for equine)
Purina Equine Senior
Alfalfa Hay Cubes
Salt Blocks
Paste Dewormers (QuestGel, QuestPlus, Panacur & Ivermectin)
Hanging feed tubs

For the Farm
Gravel - many truck loads needed
grass seeder
sawdust $350.00 per semi load delivered
Pasture Shelters
14 gauge 25-50 foot extension cords
20 gallon portable Air Compressor
Bird Bath Heaters (for water buckets)
Heated Water Buckets

Any items for our annual tack sale - we have tack, blankets, knickknacks, halters, bridles, bits, brushes, grooming supplies, lead ropes, saddle pads, saddles, carts, harnesses, buckets, useable water tanks, anything for the farm and horses 

Don't have time to bring donated items to the Rescue?  Gift Certificates or Gift Cards to the following stores are always helpful when purchasing grain and supplies:

Tractor Supply
Rural King
Home Depot

Or you can also buy items online and have them shipped directly to our facilities.