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posted Apr 14, 2018, 8:29 AM by Indiana Horse Rescue   [ updated Jul 20, 2018, 12:29 PM ]
7/16/18  Check out the new info and video on Rusty!!  You are missing out on this guy, not sure why he is still here!!
Rusty (click to view on YouTube!!)
This is what her rider/trainer has to say!
Anyone looking for a good Dressage Prospect? 
He's ready for Novice level now, but will be up to Training level and skip to First level quickly once his trot to canter transitions are better. Shoulder in and leg yield at the walk is excellent and is good at the trot after warming up. Trot shoulder in puts him into a nice collection almost immediately and can hold it for short periods now ( he needs some strength training)

5/26/18     Had Dr. Jessica Harmon from McDavitt Vet Clinic out yesterday (5/25/18) for new X-rays to be able to compare to the ones from a year ago.  She has said he is vastly improved from a year ago.
As is common with his breed, he will always have to have sugar and starch restricted diet, and very limited pasture time WITH a muzzle at all times when grazing.

Rusty is remarkably well trained using John Lyons methods.  He knows voice commands, has been ridden all over Indiana on trails and has been ridden on the road with traffic,

Rusty is being used as a fundraiser so his adoption donation is $2000.00 and he is worth that and more.  As always, you are welcome to have your vet out to do their own X-rays or pre-purchase exam.  Your trainer is also welcome to come and assess,  Make an appointment today!!

Rusty is an awesome 14 yr old Registered Halflinger gelding who has ridden trails across Indiana.  His owner could no longer keep him due to health issues and wanted to make sure he did not end up in a bad home, or even worse slaughter.  Rusty is very well trained, knows voice commands, etc.  however he will test you to see if he can get away with something!  Rusty does have some coffin bone rotation, so if you are interested we can have radiographs sent to your vet if you have an approved application. He does use shoes and pads and his previous farrier is more than happy to speak with your farrier should you adopt him.  He has been loved by everyone that comes to the farm and does well for just about anyone.  We would recommend some experience and not a novice as he is a big boy!  Walk, Trot, Canter - he does it to voice, stops easily, etc.
This Boy does it all.